ROHM faces the product series totally formed with the hardware for the first time for camera vision information processing machine LSI of the secret machine

The camera vision information processing machine LSI that ROHM Corporation develops this time is a secret machine facing family expenses type, can deal with (JPEG compresses / enlarges) at a high speed Make a video recording vision, as develop with product series that hardware commit totally for the first time in the world. This new product has already it is estimated it as market demand will be expanded and produced progressively by 100,000 batch productino of beginning of monthly output (RMB sample price 67.3 to 336.5 / one) . Front-end engineering produce in the intersection of ROHM and this society ’ Japan Beijing city) ,The anaphase project is in ROHM electronics PHILIPPINES, INC. (Philippine) Go on.

Recently,it evolve increasingly it is secret system and highly at networked electrical home appliances categories digital, the system loading camera has presented maximal expansion. Whom the ROHM develop make a video recording information processing machine LSI’ BU65 of vision Series ’ because of complete hardware processing, realize have at a high speed and low power consumption that control device bears. Secret machine like, monitor the camera working 24 hour, low power consumption and the intersection of person who dispel the heat and the intersection of respect and improvement of quality since nothing difficult, as to the contribution to some extent too of enviromental protection. And get all ready and is correspondent to 300,000
Product series that the jumbo camera that picture element reaches 3 million picture element is like the prime number, make door control telephone, monitor camera, the intersection of person who drive logging machine and of different uses the intersection of camera and simple composition of processing system, become possible.